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Q: What Is It That Fortune 500 Companies Do, 
That 86% of Small Businesses Don't?
Answer: Focus On All Five Pillars Of Business, 
Versus Only One or Two!
How does Pillar Five benefit you?

small Business Owners

You're a driven entrepreneur, right? You're goal-oriented, confident, self-reliant, and resilient. We understand that growing a business doesn't come with an instruction manual. Wouldn't that be great! There are a lot of pieces to growing a business and many of them are not obvious or clearly understood. Pillar Five is your automated instruction manual, from a 30,000 foot view, providing you with a clear checklist of tasks, at the right time, so you can address all Five Pillars in your business. By addressing all Five Pillars, like Fortune 500 companies do, your business can now flourish and grow and achieve its mission & vision. 

business coaches

As a Business Coach you focus on helping your clients achieve their businesses mission and vision. This takes a lot of work, expertise, and time. The one thing business coaches can't afford to waste, is, you guessed it, Time.  Pillar Five's unique and innovative system gives you the Business Coach the ability to manage how you provide expertise to your clients, without repeating yourself or losing the personalization your clients love. The Five Pillars are preloaded in the system so you don't have to figure them out. Simply break down each pillar into comprehensible tasks along with your expert instruction. With clients accessing your expertise through your created content, they can now work independently, saving you tons of time to help more clients. 


SBA Organizations, BBB, Chamber of commerces, and other organizations

Your days are filled with creating events, seeking out new members and adding more value to member services. Members don't join because they want to network, they join because they need to grow their business. Some organizations don't care about members growing a sustainable business. Instead, their focus is the number of members and how much money they can collect. If you don't care about your members business, they won't stick around. 

Give your members access to Pillar Five's automated business growth system and watch their business flourish. This one simple system will help your members grow their business without you having to take on the task of coaching. Afterall, your members Fill the Resource section with your vendors and expert content that will guide your members. And when your members need help, they'll be able to contact your network, right at their finger tips. At less than $15 per year, per member, how can you really say no?

Intelligent and easy to use software

With Pillar Five intelligence, any business' Life Cycle stage can be identified in minutes.  Then, it provides users with a checklist of tasks to build a stable company.

Service plans that meet your needs

Whether you're a do-it-yourself business owner wanting to build a stable business or a business development coach managing multiple clients, Pillar Five offers a suitable plan to meet your needs.

Automate your customized expertise 

As a Business Development Coach (BDC) you can invite clients onto your platform simply by typing in an email address. Best of all, you can automate your coaching service by adding your custom content. Now you can stop repeating yourself,  take on more clients, and get back valuable time. 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy.

Small businesses bring growth and innovation to local communities across the nation. These businesses are built from scratch by hard-working entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are eager to build a valuable business, be their own boss, and leave a legacy. Yet, they are unable to do this effectively without the help of small business development coaches.

99% of all US business are classified as small businesses.

There are over 30 million businesses in the United States. 99% of business in the US are classified as small businesses according to the Department of Labor. But that's not all. 84% of businesses generate less than $250,000 a year, that's gross revenue.  So, why do 76% of businesses fail before the reach year 10?  The answer is actually pretty simple.  They don't have a experts helping them. Second, entrepreneurs aren't handed a journey map or instruction manual to building a sustainable business. 
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