Pillar Five for B2B Service Providers

A lead generation tool & unrivaled customer focus

We want B2B service providers to realize

that in this day and age, they have a golden opportunity to go beyond the standard products and services they offer to care for an existing or potential customer from a holistic standpoint. Too often, service providers get caught up only in what they offer — thinking their services are the be-all-end-all to set a client up for success. It’s similar to the tunnel vision effect where you only focus on the issue in front of you without paying attention to everything else around you that could also become a factor in your success or failure.


How long have you been in business (lifecycle stage)?

What type of entity is your business (sole prop, LLC, corporation)?

Do you use a personal email or a corporate one?
Do you have a hired management & leadership team?

Does your business have a clearly defined vision & mission?

Do you have a business attorney to help you make decisions?



What does your SEO page authority look like?

What is your website’s domain authority?

How strong is your presence on local listings?
Do you have bank accounts established?

What is your monthly gross revenue?

What is your monthly account balance?

What are the owner’s discretionary earnings?



How many active trade lines are in the business name?

What is your company’s credit score?

What is your personal credit score?
Want to get your pillar scores?

Example Scenario

B2B Transaction

Pillar Five gives service providers a chance to look at the entire business, and the benefits include:

A more intimate relationship with their client
When your company can take care of a client’s needs from A to Z, that goes a long way in developing a long-lasting relationship. From the clients’ perspective, they believe they can come to their bank, CPA, etc., for anything and know they will get reliable advice not offered anywhere else. And for you the service provider, you gain the ability to understand who your clients are, the strength of their business, and their hidden weaknesses.

An additional lead generation tool and client value analyzer
By offering Pillar Five, your company has instant access to an additional lead generation tool that provides accurate contact info and access to clients who could benefit from additional services you provide. It also gives you the ability to determine the long-term value of each client relationship.  

Instant credibility
Each service provider who becomes a part of our program is seen as the authority of their products and services in the eyes of the consumer. The consumer – in this case, the small-business owner – is more apt to trust what you have to say or offer instead of looking elsewhere. 

Final thoughts

Pillar Five gives B2B service providers the ability to know who their clients are, what their pain points are, and the tools to help their clients succeed. You can then refer them to someone who can help. And in turn, you just earned a client for life.

The best part is that service providers don’t have to manually key the client information in themselves. They can send a private link directly to their clients and invite them to take the diagnostic tool for free. The clients’ profiles are then created inside the service provider’s account, and the clients have the ability to rerun their information over time to see how their score increases or decreases.

Ready to get started?
"Pillar Five is a 100% opt-in service. We do not provide lists of phone numbers nor do we access or share our users' contact lists. To learn more about our stance on spam and data privacy, view our anti-spam and privacy policies."
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