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According to The International Coach Federation (ICF) there are currently 53,300 coaches worldwide. Of these, 33% operate in the United States - a total of 17,500 coaches. After scouring various sources of data, we found that 40% of coaches worked with entrepreneurs and startups. That means there are approximately 7,000 small business development coaches in the United States. 

When compared to the number of small businesses in the US, which is approximately 27 million businesses generating less than $250,000 annually, this creates a huge demand for coaches. Simple math will show, in order for the current 7,000 business coaches to help the 27 million small businesses desperately in need of expert coaching, coaches would have to take on 3,857 clients

Small Business Development Coaches are in High Demand

Can you imagine being able to manage your clients on autopilot without losing the personalization?
Instantly become more efficient by giving your potential and existing clients access to a free business sustainability assessment. They'll receive a detailed report of their current business life cycle stage. I don't think I have to tell you that no-one else is doing that for them. And, when they're done you'll be able to instantly zero in on their deficiencies with absolute confidence.

Pillar Five is what business development coaches have been asking for since the dawn of cellular phones.

How do I actually use Pillar Five, really?


First, you give your existing and potential clients a link to access Pillar Five. Or, you can type their email address into the invitation list on your dashboard, instantly sending them an invitation to take the business sustainability assessment.
Second, your audience accesses their invitation which leads them into your Pillar Five client center. They will be required to complete a business profile, complete a life cycle assessment, and business development assessment. We call these three steps, the business sustainability assessment. I know, it sounds like a lot, but this process takes clients between 6-15 minutes to complete.

client registers

sustainability results

Third, Pillar Five displays the results in a user friendly report that they are able to download and complete. While viewing their report, they are able to click on button to request full access to one of your client dashboard. 
Fourth, select the clients that you want to work with by giving them access to your client dashboards. Pillar Five intelligence will guide your clients by providing each development based on their business life cycle stage, in the right sequence, at the right time.

New client

get your time back

No more repeating yourself and wasting valuable time again. Inside of Pillar Five you can upload your lessons, videos, audios, or whatever you desire, to provide your clients with coaching and guidance on autopilot. Your expertise and experience is what clients pay for, so by adding your custom content (Resources) next to each building block, your clients can now work with you, without taking up your time.
Manage more clients with more TIME.

But do business coaches benefit?

Consultant smiling

There are over 3,000 small business owners in need of your coaching.

Now that you've created a Journey Map for clients to follow, its time to go and get more clients. Pillar Five manages the development sequence, providing the right action steps at the right time. With your expertise displayed next to each action step, your client can work independently. You have just Journey Mapped your client. 

With over 3,000 clients in need of your service, you can take on more clients or spend time with your family. What you do with the time you'll get back, well...that is completely up to you.

Pillar Five is what small business development coaches desperately need in order to serve more clients and generate more revenue. 

Pillar Five will help you:

  • Increase your clients' survival rate -
    • Yeah for the Client! Yeah for the Coach! Yeah for the Economy!
  • Improve client's acquisition rate -
    • Yeah for the Client! Yeah for the Coach! Yeah for the Economy!
  • Saturate your share of the available market -
    • Yeah for the Coach! Yeah for the Economy!
  • Reduce your churn rate and increase your Client Lifetime Value 
    • Yeah for the Client! Yeah for the Coach! Yeah for the Economy!
Are you a Small Business Development Coach ready to serve more clients, earn more, and do it in less time? 
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