Pillar Five for Business Owners

Pillar Five for business owners is that much needed flashlight in the dark that leads the way to long-term sustainability and growth

Most business owners create a business plan and stick it on a shelf.

They know they have it, and that it’s a tool, but they never end up using this elaborate plan as a roadmap to success. They never look at it. Our Pillar Five diagnostic tool is designed to help them quickly and easily evaluate where they are against these five pillars so they can help themselves before their business falls off the edge.

Each pillar is made of what we call "blocks".

These building blocks are crucial to strengthen your business' chance for sustainability.


How long have you been in business (lifecycle stage)?

What type of entity is your business (sole prop, LLC, corporation)?

Do you use a personal email or a corporate one?
Do you have a hired management & leadership team?

Does your business have a clearly defined vision & mission?

Do you have a business attorney to help you make decisions?



What does your SEO page authority look like?

What is your website’s domain authority?

How strong is your presence on local listings?
Do you have bank accounts established?

What is your monthly gross revenue?

What is your monthly account balance?

What are the owner’s discretionary earnings?



How many active trade lines are in the business name?

What is your company’s credit score?

What is your personal credit score?
Want to get your pillar scores?

Example Scenario


Let’s say a local chiropractor has been in business for three years,

and over that time, the owner has established excellent credit and has a solid financial situation. But instead of incorporating their business (LLC, Inc., etc.), the company is still classified as a sole proprietor. On top of that, the owner hasn’t spent any time developing a website or structured marketing plan.

In this scenario, the business may have stellar scores for credit and finances but less than ideal results in marketing, legal structure, and possibly management. This is a problem because sole proprietors are 100 percent liable for their business dealings. One lawsuit could wipe out everything this chiropractor has built over three years. Not to mention, they’re not reaching their full potential because of a lack of marketing and advertising.

Don't become a statistic

Unfortunately, so many businesses fail because they don’t know the health or performance level of their business. They don’t know the pulse, and they certainly don’t see the direction they are traveling. Pillar Five benefits business owners in a myriad of ways, including: 

  • Clearly defined evaluation (with scores) of your business against the five key anchors

  • Detailed reports designed to break down those strengths and weaknesses

  • Recommendations on how to resolve weaknesses

  • Referrals to professionals who can help in those critical areas

Final thoughts

We understand starting a business and running it on your own isn’t easy. There are a lot of factors to keep track of, and while many potential obstacles to your success stick out like a sore thumb, others can sneak up on you. Pillar Five is that flashlight in the dark that helps guide your path to success so you can identify strengths and weaknesses now before they negatively impact your company.
Ready to get started?
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