Pillar Five for Consultants

Help your business members thrive by offering Pillar Five

Pillar Five is an amazingly efficient tool

that can be used by business consultants nationwide to attract, identify, and guide clients in business development. Imagine being able to offer a client a free sustainability assessment that provides them with a detailed report on the current health of their business, and then being able to zero in on potential deficiencies with absolute confidence. 

Pillar Five is what consultants have been asking for and what small-business owners need.


How long have you been in business (lifecycle stage)?

What type of entity is your business (sole prop, LLC, corporation)?

Do you use a personal email or a corporate one?
Do you have a hired management & leadership team?

Does your business have a clearly defined vision & mission?

Do you have a business attorney to help you make decisions?



What does your SEO page authority look like?

What is your website’s domain authority?

How strong is your presence on local listings?
Do you have bank accounts established?

What is your monthly gross revenue?

What is your monthly account balance?

What are the owner’s discretionary earnings?



How many active trade lines are in the business name?

What is your company’s credit score?

What is your personal credit score?
Want to get your pillar scores?

How the process works for consultants

Consultant smiling

Invite potential and existing business clients to participate in a 5 minute sustainability assessment.

They’ll receive a full workup of their business’ life cycle stage and business sustainability performance score before you spend even one minute on a call. Quickly identify your ideal client by reviewing reports from all your new leads. 

Once you’re ready, give your clients full access to their own dashboard so they can continue building a sustainable business with your expertise, guidance, and services, all on Pillar Five.

Pillar Five is what consultants have been asking for and what small business owners desperately need. Now at your fingertips, you’ll have a platform that will help you:

  • Increase your clients' survival rate
  • Improve their acquisition rate
  • Solidify your professional network, net worth, and legacy
  • Reduce your churn rate 

Final thoughts

Pillar Five gives consultants innovative tools to help their clients succeed. You can then refer them to someone who can help. And in turn, you just earned a client for life. The best part is that consultants can offer this diagnostic tool for free. They then have the ability to rerun their information over time to see how their score increases or decreases.

Are you the consultant who is ready to do more of that, in less time? 
"Pillar Five is a 100% opt-in service. We do not provide lists of phone numbers nor do we access or share our users' contact lists. To learn more about our stance on spam and data privacy, view our anti-spam and privacy policies."
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