Pillar Five for Consultants

Help your business members thrive by offering Pillar Five

Pillar Five is an amazingly efficient tool

One of the best features of Pillar Five is its agility. Like a world-class track athlete who trains to win gold in multiple events, our program is dynamic in that it employs a myriad of tactics, tools, and outside professionals to help small-business owners succeed now and well into the future.

It’s a holistic approach to success, and we believe in it.

When it comes to the role outside professionals and non-profit organizations play in that process, it’s important now more than ever for these organizations to jump on the Pillar Five bandwagon.
We are talking about organizations whose primary goal is to help established businesses and startups receive the education, tools, and support they need to grow a successful company. Unlike service providers (banks, CPAs, etc.), many of the programs and workshops that public agencies offer are free and come backed by professionals who may have owned their own business in the past and know what it takes to succeed. They are a sounding board for business owners to ensure they are moving down the right path, and they can be there to develop sound strategies years down the line.

Example organizations include:

  • Small Business Development Center
  • Small Business Administration
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau

Pillar Fiver gives these organizations additional help in expanding the toolbox of success they are offering to small-business owners across the nation. They can use Pillar Five to assist their members, and their business clients can use it to chart their own path.


How long have you been in business (lifecycle stage)?

What type of entity is your business (sole prop, LLC, corporation)?

Do you use a personal email or a corporate one?
Do you have a hired management & leadership team?

Does your business have a clearly defined vision & mission?

Do you have a business attorney to help you make decisions?



What does your SEO page authority look like?

What is your website’s domain authority?

How strong is your presence on local listings?
Do you have bank accounts established?

What is your monthly gross revenue?

What is your monthly account balance?

What are the owner’s discretionary earnings?



How many active trade lines are in the business name?

What is your company’s credit score?

What is your personal credit score?
Want to get your pillar scores?

4 reasons every non-profit needs Pillar Five

non-profit president
  1. You build on an already intimate relationship with your client
    When your company can take care of a member’s needs from A to Z, that goes a long way in developing a long-lasting relationship. From the clients’ perspective, they believe they can come to you for anything and know they will get reliable advice not offered anywhere else. And you gain the ability to understand who your clients are, the strength of their business, and their weaknesses.

  2. Create additional milestone markers
    The more you work with a particular member, the more you understand how they should be operating as they move forward. Pillar Five helps create a business plan that is practical, concrete and has specific responsibilities and deadlines to help a business owner grow their company the right way. As time goes on, you can help grade a business’ success against specific milestone markers.

  3. Instant credibility
    Each non-profit that becomes a part of our program is seen as the authority of their craft in the eyes of their members. The member – in this case, the small-business owner – is more apt to trust what you have to say or offer instead of looking elsewhere or attempting to do the work on their own. 

  4. Ability to list who they want as referral sources
    Agencies like SBA and SBDC have the ability to list who they want as professional referrals for their business members. This is an opportunity to list other score advisors and entities they already work with intimately. It’s all in an effort to provide additional benefits to their user base.

Final thoughts

The end goal for a non-profit organization or public agency is to help business members thrive, and what better way to do that and offer more value to what they do than to offer a free diagnostic tool as part of member benefits. They don’t need to manage it; they simply provide a tool.

"Pillar Five is a 100% opt-in service. We do not provide lists of phone numbers nor do we access or share our users' contact lists. To learn more about our stance on spam and data privacy, view our anti-spam and privacy policies."
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