Why Pillar Five?

Here's why small business owners, business development coaches, and business support organizations use Pillar Five

Pillar Five does what others can’t

We've spared no time (over 18,000 hours) or expense creating a platform that effortlessly identifies the lifecycle stage of every business. Understanding the business lifecycle stages (seed, startup, growth, expansion, maturity) is a critical piece to objectively identify where a business "IS", what action steps it needs to take next, and how to continue growing a sustainable business. We can confidently say no business development tool on the market has this capability. 

These features guarantee a seamless experience where everything you need to understand a company’s development is right at your fingertips.

Our expertise is your advantage

Most business owners have no idea what is truly ailing their business. We don’t want to be part of that problem – we are a solution. Our team is composed of successful business professionals, hundreds of experts from various fields, and countless technical gurus who have made it their life’s work to identify tasks that many business owners neglect.

When you choose Pillar Five, you can be confident that a team of experts has your back at all times. We work with you to understand and overcome the unique challenges you face in implementing Pillar Five and using it to achieve your goal. 

We help you see what others don't

We call our system Pillar Five because sustainable businesses are made of up of five pillars; Infrastructure, Management, Marketing, Finance, and Credit. Within each pillar there are several macro tasks or action steps, which we call “building blocks.” These building blocks are provided at the right time, strengthening a business’s chance to achieve sustainability. Each Life Cycle stage is broken down into its own section, where a completion percentage is displayed. You'll have access to detailed reports of businesses progress and much more. Have you completed a few action steps and want to run a new report? Great! See your results in a printable report and get A View From The Top.

Data protection means everything to us

The first question everyone has is, “How is my information protected?” In this day and age, that’s a fair question. Our answer is that Pillar Five only requires answers to basic information about a business — most of which can be found on your business card or website. We don’t outsource information we do collect, which gives you instant peace of mind. Pro plan users control their data, so they can be confident no else is trying to market to their clients/members.

Our customer service has no limits

We have found that the users of Pillar Five, whether they are business owners, service providers, coaches, or non-profits, are typically the do-it-yourself types. They prefer not to waste their time picking up the phone to talk to someone. So we've placed all the information you'll need into our Knowledge Base section. But, if you prefer to speak with a live person, give us a call, we love speaking with experts and entrepreneurs.
Are you ready to get started? 
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